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Jasmine: 30-May-99
News and dialogue about Jasmine's growth and development.

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Saturday, April 28, 2001
Thank you, Uncle Mike! You're a special uncle since you and Aunt Ann were with me on 28-July-00 when I first learned to walk! Daddy said he'll help me learn to walk with Jesus one day and, wow, I can't wait! I'm excited about seeing you and Aunt Ann next spring!!

JasmineJasmine: 30-May-99
posted by Scott Terry 12:06 PM

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Dear Jasmine,
Hope you have a wonderful birthday! You are a very special young lady and it is wonderful to see you growing and becoming the beautiful person God has created you to be. We are praying for you and hope to see you when you and your folks come to West Virginia. May God bless you indeed. May He enlarge your territory. May His hand be with you and may He deliver you from harm.
(I Chron. 4:9-10)

I love you!
"Uncle" Mike
posted by Michael Darby 5:03 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2001

Thank you for your kind words... when Jasmine and I sing both verses of 'Happy Birthday' on her birthday, we'll certainly ask God to take extra care of your daughter. We'll be in the US later this fall, so we may be able to work out a gathering. Until then, I hope you'll enjoy Jasmine's picture pages.
posted by Scott Terry 9:20 AM

Saturday, April 21, 2001

Happy birthday to Jasmine. It's hard to imagine that our birthday kids of May 30, 1967, are getting so old. We wish for Jasmine a sense of peace even in the midst of turmoil. We would love to be able to see Jasmine. Linda is on strict bed rest with her pregnancy. She spent a few days in the hospital this week. We are going to get Bonnie and Emily this coming week. We love your family like our own. Take care. Wayne and Sara
posted by Sara Bonnett 10:18 PM

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Thank you for your kind words regarding Jasmine :-)

I hope you'll enjoy sharing your thoughts with other bloggers!

Blue is doing well... actually, her stuffed Blue doll has split his back, and she likes to pick the stuffing
The video is ready for her 2nd birthday when we start watching those things. Her interests right now are far from TV. She wants and needs tangible human interaction.

Once she starts on Blue, she may not quit
Jasmine's Picture Page
posted by Scott Terry 11:35 AM

This is a new thing for me--sounds neat, so far. Jasmine is one lucky little lady! How's Blue doing?
Jennifer Eastland
posted by Jennifer Eastland 5:57 AM

Sunday, April 08, 2001

Well, Jasmine’s imagination is beginning to develop. She awoke this morning from a bad dream and it took quite a bit of comforting to lull her back to sleep. We sang ‘Jesus Loves Me’ together, and she drifted off. She loves to sing that song along with ‘The B-I-B-L-E’ Thank you, one and all, for the part you play in her life :-)
posted by Scott Terry 11:33 AM

Tell Jasmine I am looking forward to hearing her sing (when the video is up and running). I know she loves music. I am also very pleased to read that she has lots of friends. The Word says "to have friends, show yourself friendly" --- so she must be doing what it says. I would love to hear her speak Arabic, too. Hello to you and Shirin. Asking the L. to keep a song in your hearts regardless of how difficult things may become. Laughter is like medicine so am asking for lots of that for all of the team, too. First time blogging for me. Keep on with abundant living. Sincerely, Awkie Lilly, Beckley, WV
posted by Awkie Lilly 1:14 AM

Saturday, April 07, 2001

I never have heard of blogging before. Tell Joshua about this. Also, please tell Joshua that we all send our love and to give Jasmine a hug from us. Love, Marsha
posted by Marsha Lane 8:19 PM

It is an honor to be invited. Keep looking up. Praying for you all. Bob
posted by Bob Davis 5:48 AM

Just came to check it out, Scott. The interesting thing is that your invitation was the very first reference to "blog" that I had encountered and then today I received an internet magazine that had an entire article on the subject explaining all about what weblogs are. What a neat concept. Thanks for clueing me in. Lynn
posted by Lynn Miser 1:00 AM