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Everybody needs friends, so allow me to introduce you to several of mine:

  • Oakton Baptist Church Located in Chantilly, Virginia.  I served here as minister of education for two-and-a-half years and was ordained to the gospel ministry by this family-oriented church.  If you're looking for an evangelical church that stands on the Word of God, look no further.

  • Mount Ararat Baptist Church A growing, dynamic church that meets in my hometown of Stafford, Virginia.  Contemporary and traditional worship

  • Ed Hall A dear friend living an exciting life in Europe

  • John Boquist A minister of music in Virginia who does super web sites for the group with whom he worships and their big group

  • Pro-Spect Home Inspection Services, Inc. Owned by a buddy I've known since at least 6th grade.  This guy loves Jeeps, too, but loves Jesus even more.
  • Randy Hunt, from my birth-state of West Virginia, has a super site geared towards youth and college students.
  • Joe Baker ( If you're looking for a real estate agent who's looking after your interests, you'll want to email Joe.  Although he lives in northern Virginia, he can get you a house just about anywhere!
  • FBC Garland I haven't been there yet since Texas is far from home but, if you're close to Garland/Fort Worth, be sure to drop by to say hello!
  • Paul and Harriet are a couple of super folks reaching out to the needy folks in Gaza.  You gotta see some of their pictures!  Sure is different from what we see on the news!
  • Talawanda Baptist Church Looking for a church in Oxford, Ohio that stands for Jesus and believes His Word?  Here it is!
  • Ken and Pam Munday were next-door neighbors during seminary, and now they're reaching lost people in Oklahoma City.


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