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Top 21 Helpful Sites

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My Favorite Site  

Learn about people groups and how you can help  

Search the Scriptures in nine languages and in a variety of translations.


Why watch TV when you can get the news online?  

A multi-search engine tool that speaks for itself

A wonderful site in Arabic, ("Friends' talk"), English and Spanish

I found classmates from my graduating class and, if you graduated from a US high school, you may find yours, too.


answers boatloads of questions and is well worth a visit!  Be forewarned - you may find your surfing time increasing!

International Mission Board  

Another helpful site to learn what God is doing around the world that helps you be a Kingdom intercessor when watching CNN

Jehovah's Witnesses  

Read the testimony of a former Watch Tower member, then start from his main page to learn about this pseudo-Christian religion.


Take the survey and get *free* samples of the gourmet jelly beans!



A helpful newsletter filled with tips for perfecting your computer

Another free site enabling you to keep up with your family


The North American Mission Board that facilitates new church starts in Canada and the US  

A wonderful site with lots of helpful information and links on Palestinians  

Here's a pretty decent site with some helpful tips on parenting.  Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter!  

Rick Warren's site to help with church matters



(Pretty Good Privacy) Why send your email like a postcard when you can send it like it's in an envelope?



The "official" site of the Southern Baptist Convention  

The official site for solving Windows 2000 problems

Here's the place to get that awesome shareware utility!


Absolutely *free* Internet access without the annoying ads of NetZero

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