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AdWiper removes most of those annoying web ads.  Try the shareware version!

Now the #2 religion in the US surpassing Judaism... this site helps with understanding the issues at heart.  How long until the US becomes an Islamic nation?

This site answers the 'evolution' myth.  See how the Grand Canyon came about as a lot of water in a short amount of time.

An excellent site for wanna-be parents, expectant parents, and for parents of toddlers.  They have a sister site for children ages 2-8.

Big Nate is one of my favorite comic strip characters.  I hope you'll enjoy his antics, too!

Keep up with the newly elected US president at You can count on it!  Florida ballots here


seems to have some of the best animated e-cards online.

An excellent site for the search for Truth

Stop paying $20/month for Internet!  Surf this site to find it for *free*

An awesome multimedia presentation of the gospel message is found at gotlife, a registered trademark

will find the lowest airfare

is a super place to store and share big files, but it's no longer free :-(

Another excellent page that tells of ways to share Good News with Muslims

Thru the Bible with Dr. J Vernon McGee

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